3 wishes to ask a tennis genie!

What if one day a tennis genie appears in front of you? Yes, a tennis genie. Probably a rather toned genie, hovering a couple feet above the ground. And, he would have a tennis racquet in his left hand, wristbands on his arms and a bandana around his forehand.  Poor guy wants to appear neutral, hence, although he wears Nadalian shorts, he also sports a Uniqlo bandana. His charm is fan-like and his grip is pretty continental ( 😉 ).

Apparently, many people had made a wish to the genie to have Del Potro injury-free again. And he’s kind of back.

Now, imagine he’s granted you 3 wishes (tennis wishes). What would you ask?

Here’s my 3 wishes!

A Masters 1000 on grass

The oldest and classiest surface deserves more respect. Fans of grass court tennis like me would want more of that quick, tactical, offensive game you play on turf. A masters event is what is lacking. It should be a hit given Wimbledon is what some people call tennis (hilarious, I know!). Gerry Weber Open has good provisions at Halle, Germany. It has the looks & the class. There’s a nice roof on the top. The grass is good! It could possibly become a masters with a bit of work. So, kick it up a notch, Genie!

Shapovalov 2.0

Shapovalov is fantastic right? Right. Cheers! I am a Shapovalov fan too. Well, he blew my mind with that dismissal of Nadal at the Canadian Masters last year. His raging forehand would go on and ahn and ahn! Nuclear forehand. He sure had a daredevil spirit that’s willing to throw the kitchen sink. It seemed that his lefty single handed backhand and Federesque tennis DNA would bring half the planet to his bandwagon. Now only if Genie would help him build his mental muscles for the big time!

Fedal at USO

Oh, how long have we waited for this? It’s never happened. Although the surface is no longer as quick as before, a Fedal match would still hit the spot. This question has lingered since forever: If Nadal is the king of clay and Federer is the king of grass, who would conquer whom in a match at Flushing Meadows? The surface would make Federer’s game all the more hot & aggressive and Nadal’s job as usual would be to put the ball back in play from anywhere! It does not get old. Moreover, these two have got better over the decade. I want the USO Fedal match this year!

You can tell us what your 3 tennis wishes are by commenting here or on our Facebook post. We will publish the most interesting 3 wishes & the name of the person who made them on our Facebook page as ‘3 best wishes to ask a tennis genie’.

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